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Free IDX Hosting

Free Managed IDX Hosting Including SSL

Take advantage of our free IDX app Hosting!
This package includes:
  • Your Own Domain
  • IDX app Hosting Including Control Panel
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts
  • SSL (Secured Socket Layer)

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Interactive Map Search Results

Captivate Visitors With an Interactive Web Presence

Increase buyer's engagement and turn visitors into clients with an Interactive map based real estate search.
Instantly updates and load properties when the environment has changed
  • Click
  • Drag
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Add or Remove Filters
  • Sort...

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Interactive Property Search UI

Fully Featured Search at your fingertips

Enhance search and browsing experience to the fullest, providing quick access to filters, sort options, Saved Searches, and many user management tools. It is also powered by an environment sensitive algorithm with multiple placements, triggers and actions. While staying out of the way, the full arsenal of filters and multi-dimensional sort will remain at your fingertips.

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Multi Sort Search Results

Sort Results by Characteristics

Provide powerful sorting capabilities that no one else provides and increase visitor's confidence.
Multi Sort can be used with a combination of 12 filters.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Interact With Property Search UI

Keyboard Shortcuts are also available to interact with the Virtual Navigator Property Search UI.

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Search Open Houses

Updated on Daily Bases

Properties With a scheduled Open House date are marked with an Open House Badge in search results, Open House Date is displayed in the property details.

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Intelligent & Autonomous Lead Capturing

Nurture, capture & interact

Most IDX solutions will apply blocking lead capturing systems requiring registration with a comprehensive buyer profile.
IDX app has developed an Intelligent & Autonomous Lead Capturing system that will constantly interact with visitors and will determine the best opportune time to gather information.
Promoting Actions Such as:
  • Add To Favorites
  • Save New Search
  • Print, Share, Compare...

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Favorite Properties

Add Property to Favorites

Adding a property to favorites will unlock additional favorite properties management features
  • Instant Property Updates
  • Share, Email and Print
  • Compare Properties
  • Share, Email and Print Comparison

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Tour List

Tour List & Agent Led Virtual Tour

Allow Buyers to add properties to a tour list, wish can be submitted at any time.
Integrated Partial Sync will allow Users to join an Agents led Live Virtual Tour session by creating a partial IDX app sync.
Users can still browse freely and can terminate a Live Virtual Tour session at any time.
Sessions can handle up to 500 users per session.
Partial Sync Control Panel.
Only available for IDX app!

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New Messages Hooks

Trigger additional Hooks on Contact Requests

Every time a visitor submits a form such as a contact of tour request, The following options will enable automatic email campaigns.

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Advanced Lead Routing

Increase Closing Ratio

Responding to new leads in a timely matter was proven to increase closing ratio.
Record intermittent actions as: Read, Opened and Clicked.

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Elegant Listing Presentation

Remarkable, Detailed and Pleasant Browsing Experience

Property Details are displayed in sections allowing buyers to easily find the information.
Well and carefully positioned analytics, widgets and links to nearby Activities to prevent unnecessary clutter.

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Property Widgets

Widgets Loaded With Information

Show nearby properties for sale with similar Characteristics.
Display Median prices on sold properties in the same Zip Code.
Median Sale Price, Median Sale Price/Sqft, Total Sold for the current date, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 9 Months.
Property History.
Nearby Schools.

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Mobile Ready IDX

Best IDX Experience for Mobile Devices

Optimized to deliver a seamless mobile IDX app search experience, all while providing intuitive functionality. Branded to ensure visitors are just a click or call away while searching on the go.
  • Locate nearby listings
  • Track & share properties
  • Schedule tours instantly
  • Nurture, capture & interact

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WordPress Plugin for IDX app

Free WP Plugin for IDX app

This Free WordPress Plugin is still in beta stages, however some of the implementations are promising.
  • Modules
  • Populate widgets directly from IDX app
  • Populate Search forms data directly form IDX app
  • Populate Saved Search from agent library
  • Display Agent Profile /Contact
  • Load module templates without binding actions
  • Widgets
  • One widget does it all
  • Assign template
  • Set module type
  • Manage locations
  • Set min/max queries
  • Customize your CSS
  • Short Codes
  • Simple Short Code builder
  • Assign template
  • Set module type
  • Manage locations
  • Set min/max queries
  • Templates
  • Simple to use double curly brace notation {{ }}
  • Code editor Powered by Codemirror
  • Edit HTML, Java Script and css
  • Pre-loaded with 12 templates

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Agent Panel Dashboard

Global Analytics & Performance Information

  • Total of 45 Cards Showing Various Analytics
  • System Integrity
  • User Activities

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Users & Lead Management

Identify, Analyze, Engage the Best Opportunity

Track visitor interactions, prompt the completion of missing profile information and cultivate high quality leads using the IDX app Dashboard. Save time by analyzing search behavior and engage quality leads.
  • Visitor Profile Development
  • Monitor Activity
  • Analyze User Performance

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Real Estate Brand Builder

Create Your Brand and Build Your Business

Take advantage of IDX app's home page builder graphical user interface and Get your web presence ready in minutes!
  • Slide shows
  • Auto complete Search
  • Menus
  • Call To Action
  • Blocks

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Define geographic boundaries

Simplify Search Engine Indexing

Define your location of interest, IDX app will create and update your new sitemap on daily basis!
  • Links To Locations
  • Links By Price
  • Links to Properties

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Control Listings

Hide/Show Listings By Location/ListingID

Manage global search results by enabling certain locations or by hiding certain listings.

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Saved Search Management

Analyze and Import Popular User Saved Searches

Globalize a saved search by importing Users saved searches to the Agent's saved search library.
Saved searches stored in the Agent library is publicly accessible and can be used as community's links, shortcuts, quick links...

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Power Users

Manage User Roles and Capabilities

Access to a feature or features can be added or removed at any time.
  • Assign Role
  • Assign Capabilities

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